Condensation Aerosol Containing Loxapine Or Prochlorperazine For Inhalation

  • Published: Nov 12, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: May 24 2001
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The present invention relates to the delivery of antipsychotics through an inhalation route. Specifically, it relates to aerosols containing antipsychotics that are used in inhalation therapy. In a composition aspect of the present invention, the aerosol comprises particles comprising at least 5 percent by weight of an antipsychotic. In a method aspect of the present invention, an antipsychotic is delivered to a mammal through an inhalation route. The method comprises: a) Heating a composition, wherein the composition comprises at least 5 percent by weight of an antipsychotic, to form a vapor; and, b) allowing the vapor to cool, thereby forming a condensation aerosol comprising particles, which is inhaled by the mammal. In a kit aspect of the present invention, a kit for delivering an antipsychotic through an inhalation route to a mammal is provided which comprises: a) a composition comprising at least 5 percent by weight of an antipsychotic; and, b) a device that forms an antipsychotic containing aerosol from the composition, for inhalation by the mammal.


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  • Publication: Nov 12, 2008
  • Application: May 20, 2002
    EP EP 08014272 A
  • Priority: May 20, 2002
    EP EP 02737053 A
  • Priority: Sep 5, 2001
    US US 31747901 P
  • Priority: May 24, 2001
    US US 29420301 P

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