Use Of A Composition For Dyeing Keratinous Fibres Comprising A Halochromic Compound And/or The Dye Corresponding To This Compound

  • Published: Sep 24, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 20 2007
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Use of a composition (A) comprising at least one tricyclic compound (I) comprising a cyclic group, dyes of (I) or their addition salts, in a medium, for coloring keratinous fibers, is claimed. Use of a composition (A) comprising at least one tricyclic compound of formula (I) comprising a cyclic group G including a cycle H, dyes of (I), in which the cycle H is opened, or their addition salts, for coloring keratinous fibers. Either R1-R8 : H, halo, OH, NO 2, amino, carboxy, aminocarbonyl, CN, 1-100C hydrocarbon chain (optionally acyclic or mono or polycyclic, optionally branched, optionally condensed, optionally saturated, optionally aromatic, able to interrupted by one or more heteroatoms of N, O or S, or by carbonyl groups, able to replaced by a hydrocarbon or a group comprising one or more heteroatoms of N, O or S, able to substituted by a carbonyl group or group containing heteroatoms of O, N or S and optionally substituted by OH, halo, carboxy, 1-9C carboxyalkyl, CN, amino or 1-6C alkoxy); or two adjacent+CR1-R8 : form an aromatic mono or polycarbocyclic groups (optionally condensed, containing 5-20 substitutions, one or more C atoms can be replaced by O, N or P, optionally substituted by halo, OH, amino (optionally substituted by 2 1-9C alkyl, 1-9C hydroxyalkyl, 2-9C alkenyl, 6-12C cycloalkyl, aryl(6-18C)carbonyl, 1-9C cycloalkyl (6-12C) alkyl, 6-18C-aryl-1-9C alkyl, 1-9C alkyl carbonyl, 1-9C alkoxy-1-9C carbonyl alkyl, alkylnaphthyl, 1-9C haloalkyl, 1-9C alkylcyano, 2-15C acyl radical, 1-9C alkoxy carbonyl, 6-18C aryloxy carbonyl, 6-18C aryloxy-1-9C alkyl carbonyl, 6-18C aryl-1-9C alkoxy carbonyl, 1-9C alkoxy-6-18C aryl carbonyl, 1-9C alkoxy-1-9C alkyl carbonyl, 1-9C dialkyl aminocarbonyl, 1-9C dialkyl aminosulfonyl, 1-9C alkyl 6-18C aryl sulfonyl, 1-9C alkyl sulfonyl, 1-9C dialkyl-1-9C amino alkyl, 1-9c alkoxy-1-9C alkyl, where the substituents with N can form a 5-6 membered heterocyclic optionally comprising one or more heteroatoms) carboxy, 6-18C aryl or CN); X : a direct bond or a divalent atom comprising S or O, SO 2 or C(R13) 2 or NR13; G : divalent radical or fused heterocyclic compound of formulae (G1-G7); Y1, W1, Z1, Y2, W2, Z2 : C, N, S, divalent CR13 or NR13; R9-R11, R13 : R1; R12 : H, 1-9C alkyl, amino, 1-9C alkoxy, 6-18C aryl (optionally substituted with H, OH, 1-9C alkyl, 6-18C aryl, 6-18C aryloxy, 1-9C alkoxy, halo, carboxy, CN, amino (optionally substituted)), furanyl, alkyl(1-9C)thio, thienyl, phenylcarbonyl, trifluoroalkyl or diaryl(6-18C) alkyl; and A : 6-18C aryl or 6-18C heterocyclic group (optionally saturated and optionally substituted with 5-12 substitutions). Independent claims are included for: (1) a method of treating keratinous fibers, comprising applying the composition, adjusting the pH with acidifying agent or alkalinizing agent according to desired color; and optionally modifying the coloration of the keratinous fibers using acidifying agent or alkalinizing agent; and (2) device comprising several compartments containing (A) in a first compartment and acidifying agent of alkalinsing agent in a second compartment. [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image].


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  • Publication: Sep 24, 2008
  • Application: Feb 28, 2008
    EP EP 08152085 A
  • Priority: Mar 20, 2007
    FR FR 0753923 A

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