High Specificity Homocysteinases


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Homocysteinase enzymes are disclosed which have sufficient specificity for homocysteine, as compared to cysteine that hydrogen sulfide can be used as a measure of homocysteine in a biological fluid even in the presence of substantial amounts of cysteine, exceeding the level of homocysteine. The enzyme of desired specificity can be readily prepared by mutation and screening of naturally occurring homocysteinases or by constructing chimeric forms. Also disclosed is a method of identify homocysteinases of the desired specificity with respect to homocysteine and cysteine, as well as an improved method to assay for hydrogen sulfide by employing a fluorometric readout of a chromophore generated from said hydrogen sulfide. Also included in the scope of the invention is a method to assess the level of cysteine and homocysteine in the same sample.


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  • Publication: Aug 20, 2008
  • Application: Jun 28, 2000
    EP EP 08007369 A
  • Priority: Jun 28, 2000
    EP EP 00943262 A
  • Priority: Apr 12, 2000
    US US 54909800 A
  • Priority: Jun 28, 1999
    US US 34099199 A

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