Buccal, Polar And Non-polar Spray Or Capsule

  • Published: Aug 6, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 01 1997
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Use of a spray composition for the preparation of a medicament for administering an effective amount of a pharmacologically active compound to a mammal by spraying the composition to the buccal mucosa of the mammal to provide transmucosal absorption of a pharmacologically effective amount of the active compound through the buccal mucosa of the mammal, wherein said active compound is soluble in a pharmacologically acceptable non-polar solvent, said composition comprising in weight % of total composition: pharmaceutically acceptable propellant selected from the group consisting of C 3-8 hydrocarbon of a linear or branched configuration 5-80 %, non-polar solvent 20-85 %, active compound 0.05-50 %, wherein the active compound is selected from the group consisting of biologically active peptides, sulfonyl ureas, antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, antiemetics, histamine H-2 receptor antagonists, barbiturates, prostoglandins, terbutaline, and theophylline.


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  • Publication: Aug 6, 2008
  • Application: Oct 1, 1997
    EP EP 07023005 A
  • Priority: Oct 1, 1997
    EP EP 97911621 A
  • Priority: Oct 1, 1997
    US US 9717899 W

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