Reducing Cross-interference In A Combined Gps Receiver And Communication System

  • Published: Jul 23, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Jun 20 2002
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A method of operating a mobile device is disclosed. A first activity of the mobile device is detected. The following two operations are executed upon detection of the first activity; (i) wireless transmission of data over a wireless data link from a communication unit of the mobile device is disabled for a period of time, and (ii) a first control signal is transmitted from a communication unit to a satellite positioning system receiver of the mobile device, the first control signal enabling processing of signal positioning system signals received by the receiver during this period of time. The size of this period of time may be predetennined or adaptable.


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  • Publication: Jul 23, 2008
  • Application: Jun 20, 2002
    EP EP 07025009 A
  • Priority: Jun 20, 2002
    EP EP 02739986 A
  • Priority: Jun 20, 2002
    US US 0220302 W

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