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Robust Efficient Distributed Rsa-key Generation


The full document isn't yet available to us from the patent office.


The invention provides for robust efficient distributed generation of RSA keys. An efficient protocol is one which is independent of the primality test 'circuit size', while a robust protocol allows correct completion even in the presence of a minority of arbitrarily misbehaving malicious parties. The disclosed protocol is secure against any minority of malicious parties (which is optimal). The disclosed method is useful in establishing sensitive distributed cryptographic function sharing services (certification authorities, signature schemes with distributed trust, and key escrow authorities), as well as other applications besides RSA (namely: composite ElGamal, identification schemes, simultaneous bit exchange, etc.). The disclosed method can be combined with proactive function sharing techniques to establish the first efficient, optimal-resilience, robust and proactively-secure RSA-based distributed trust services where the key is never entrusted to a single entity (i.e., distributed trust totally 'from scratch'). The disclosed method involves new efficient 'robustness assurance techniques' which guarantee 'correct computations' by mutually distrusting parties with malicious minority.


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Document History
  • Publication: Jul 16, 2008
  • Application: May 21, 1999
    EP EP 08008167 A
  • Priority: May 21, 1999
    EP EP 99927087 A
  • Priority: May 22, 1998
    US US 8657798 P

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