Dynamic Frame Scheduling Based On Permutations Of Sub-channel Identifiers

  • Published: Jun 25, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 21 2006
  • Family: 8
  • Cited Works: 2
  • Cited by: 7
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A communication system includes devices configured to communicate with each other through a temporal sequence of frames. Each of these frames includes multiple sub-channels and network information. Note that a given device is configured to select a first set of sub-channels to be reserved by the given device based on a first election technique in which a first ranking of a first permutation of a first ordered set of sub-channel identifiers is calculated. Furthermore, the given device is configured to dynamically reserve the selected first set of sub-channels.


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  • Publication: Jun 25, 2008
  • Application: Dec 19, 2007
    EP EP 07123533 A
  • Priority: Dec 21, 2006
    US US 64466506 A

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