The invention relates to a method for the preparation of a silicic acid comprising extrudate, comprising the steps of: i) forming of stabilised silicic acid, by hydrolysing a silicon compound into orthosilicic acid and/or oligomers thereof in the presence of a stabilizing agent, which is a quaternary ammonium compound, or an amino-acid, or an amino acid source or combinations thereof; ii) mixing of the stabilised silicic acid with a carrier in an amount upto the loading capacity of the carrier for silicic acid; and iii) extruding the resulting mixture thereby forming the extrudate, to extrudates obtainable with the method, to an extrudate for use in the production of animal feed, feed supplement, human food and/or food supplement and of a pharmaceutical or cosmetic preparation, and for the treatment of infections, nails, hair, skin, teeth, collagen, connective tissue, bones, cell generation and degenerative (ageing) processes, and to a pharmaceutical composition comprising an extrudate.

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  • Publication: Apr 15, 2009
  • Application: Aug 12, 2003
    EP EP 03787792 A
  • Priority: Aug 12, 2003
    EP EP 03787792 A
  • Priority: Aug 12, 2003
    EP EP 0309009 W
  • Priority: Aug 12, 2002
    EP EP 02078336 A

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