Database Search Facilit Having Improved User Interface

  • Published: May 24, 1995
  • Earliest Priority: Jun 04 1993
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A search facility having a user interface (100) including three windows: a query window (101), a graph window (102) and a history window (103), presented simultaneously in the graphical user interface (100). The query window (101) displays the text of the most recently input query statement (104) which is searched in a database stored in a computer system. The graph window (102) graphically displays the current results (105) of the most recent query statement (104). The history window (103) presents the query statements and their results during the current query session. In one preferred embodiment, the query statements and their results are graphically presented as a tree (108), wherein the query statements and query results are nodes (106,107) and each query statement result (107) is a child of the query statement (106) which was run to create it. Input to any of the windows will change the presentation of data within the other two windows. <IMAGE>


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Document History
  • Publication: May 24, 1995
  • Application: Jun 2, 1994
    CN CN 94107156 A
  • Priority: Jun 4, 1993
    US US 7262693 A

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