Methode Und Benutzerschnittstelle Für Das Bilden Einer Darstellung Von Daten Mit Meta-morphing

  • Published: Jan 15, 2007
  • Earliest Priority: May 15 2003
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A computer-implemented method of making a presentation of data requested by a question received via a user interface of a database, wherein data items are categorized as measures or dimensions, and in which question data items of the type measures or dimensions can be associated to specify a set of data; the method comprises the following steps: parsing (301) the question for associations of dimensions and measures, if no association is found, create an association (307); searching (311) for presentation properties of stored associations; if presentation properties are found applying (313) the presentation properties to make a presentation of data specified by the association. Thereby, a user can request a computer presentation of data based on higher or lower levels of abstraction while the computer ensures that a user's preferences are applied. <??>Additionally, a computer-readable medium, a computer program product and a user-interface is disclosed. <IMAGE>


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Document History
  • Publication: Jan 15, 2007
  • Application: May 15, 2003
    AT AT 03388037 T
  • Priority: May 15, 2003
    EP EP 03388037 A

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