Antibody Induced Cell Membrane Wounding


Compositions and methods for inducing cell membrane wounding, cell permeabilization and cell killing are provided. The composition comprises a polyvalent agent that binds to a highly expressed cell surface antigen present on the surface of a cell. Preferably, the cell surface antigen is associated with the cytoskeleton of the cell. A preferred polyvalent agent is an IgM, and enhanced cell wounding and killing can be provided by the addition of a crosslinking agent. At sublethal concentrations in vivo, the cell wounding antibodies permeabilize cells and dramatically enhance response to chemotherapeutic agents, even in patients refractory to the chemotherapeutic agents.

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  • Publication: Oct 4, 2016
  • Application: Feb 19, 2013
    US US 201313770619 A
  • Priority: Feb 19, 2013
    US US 201313770619 A
  • Priority: Nov 4, 2005
    US US 26793505 A
  • Priority: Nov 5, 2004
    US US 62539804 P
  • Priority: Nov 5, 2004
    US US 98269804 A

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