Process For The Preparation Of Pyrimidine Compounds


A process for the preparation of a compound of Formula (I) and intermediates useful therein are provided. The process comprises reacting a compound of formula R1-CO-CH2-E with a compound of formula R2-CHX1X2 in the presence of a compound of formula R3R4N-C(-NH)NH2 and a catalyst, thereby to form a dihydropyrimidine; and oxidising the dihydropyrimidine to form the compound of Formula (1). R1 is H or an alkyl group; R2 is H, an alkyl or aryl group; R3 and R4 are each independently H, alkyl or aryl, or R3 and R4 are linked to form, together with the nitrogen to which they are attached to form a 5 to 7 membered heterocyclic ring; E is H, an unsubstituted alkyl group, and aryl group or an electron withdrawing group; and X1 and X2 are each independently leaving groups, or X1 and X2 together represent -O.

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  • Publication: Apr 28, 2009
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