Systems And Methods For Distributed Data Sharing With Asynchronous Third-party Attestation

  • Published: Aug 31, 2017
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Methods and systems for distributed data verification between a relying party server and a client device using data attested by at least one attestation server. Entities are loosely coupled, while still allowing for authentication data and transaction data to be tightly coupled in any given interaction. There need not be any prior relationships between relying parties and attestation servers, or between relying parties and users. A common syntax enables a relying party to define what types of attested data items will be accepted for a particular transaction, without having to predetermine all possible sources of identification a user may wish to provide. The relying party may not know the source of the attested data items a priori, but can nevertheless determine if they are satisfactory once they are received.

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  • Publication: Aug 31, 2017
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