Methods For Creating And Verifying An Electronic User Identity

  • Published: May 4, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 22 2016
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Methods are disclosed for creating a verifiable electronic user identity using a blockchain data structure, together with processes for verifying a user identity created by such methods. A method of creating a user identity comprises generating a new address on a data processor (106), sending the new address to a user's electronic device (120) via an external network, determining with the data processor that there is a first transaction on a blockchain stored on a peer-to-peer network (114), or queued for inclusion in the blockchain, wherein the new address is an output of the first transaction and a user address is an input of the first transaction, detecting the current height of the blockchain, and sending to a data store a user identity for the user comprising the user address that was an input of the first transaction and a height value dependent on the current height of the blockchain.


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  • Publication: May 4, 2016
  • Application: Mar 22, 2016
    GB GB 201604789 A
  • Priority: Mar 22, 2016
    GB GB 201604789 A

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