Dental Implant

  • Published: Jul 16, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Jan 12 2007
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The dental implant comprises a point shaped base body, which is provided for fixing in a jaw bone and a connecting piece. A blind hole (3) is provided, which is inserted in the implant. Two inner threads (31,32) are inserted in the blind hole one above the other and are spaced from each other. The lower inner thread is arranged next to the blind hole and has a smaller inner diameter than another inner thread, which is arranged on it. A connector cone is provided, which is running outside at the connecting piece. The connecting piece has a groove, which is running outside. An independent claim is also included for an implant assembly having an implant and insert.


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  • Publication: Jul 16, 2008
  • Application: Jan 12, 2007
    EP EP 07000590 A
  • Priority: Jan 12, 2007
    EP EP 07000590 A

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