System For Graphically Representing And Manipulating Data Stored In Databases

  • Published: Mar 23, 1993
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 15 1988
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A system includes one or more databases, a terminal for use by a user and a processor. The databases store data and retrieve the stored data in response to the receipt of a data retrieval request from the processor. The terminal generates an input screen and an output screen. The input screen displays, for the user, data selection criteria identifiers which the user may select to identify data of interest, and functions for processing the data as desired by the user. The output screen displays the processed data. The processor generates, in response to the selected data selection criteria from said terminal, a data retrieval request for processing by the databases. Upon receipt of the retrieved data, the processor processes the retrieved data as called for by the selected function selection criteria to generate processed data, which the processor transmits to the terminal for display on the output screen. In a refinement, the processed data is identified by a data type, and said processor selecting a display type, for example, a line graph, bar graph, or other, based on the data type of the processed data, by which the output screen displays the data.


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Document History
  • Publication: Mar 23, 1993
  • Application: Jun 20, 1989
    CA CA 603289 A
  • Priority: Jul 15, 1988
    US US 21965288 A

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