Public Electric Bike Sharing System Provided With An Automatic Electronic System For Remotely Managing The Electric Supply For The Bikes And Relative Operating Method

  • Published: Jul 5, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 30 2015
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Bike sharing system (1) provided with an electronic system (22) monitoring the power supply state of the bikes (2) comprising: electronic control devices (24) that are installed in the bikes (2) and are configured for transmitting a power supply state signal comprising a bike identification code, the position of the bike (2) and a parameter indicating the electric charge level of the battery (17) installed in the bike (2) for supplying the motor (16). The monitoring electronic system (22) further comprises an electronic remote control station (15) configured for receiving the power supply state signal for determining, based on it: the position of the bike (2), a depletion condition of the battery (17), the bike identification code, the automatic station (3) housing said bike (2) based on the position. The electronic remote control station (15) can send to the given automatic station (2) a coupling signal actuating the electromechanical component that locks the bike (2) in said automatic station (3).


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  • Publication: Jul 5, 2017
  • Application: Dec 30, 2016
    EP EP 16207646 A
  • Priority: Dec 30, 2015
    IT IT UB20159774 A

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