Secure 3d Model Sharing Using Distributed Ledger

  • Published: Oct 12, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 28 2016
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This document generally describes systems, methods, devices, and other techniques for using distributed ledgers, such as a blockchain database, to facilitate secure distribution and use of 3D model files to 3D printers over a computing network. A 3D printer controller may access an electronic ledger that identifies a plurality of 3D model files that have been made available for distribution. A particular 3D model file and a secret key may be obtained by the printer, where the 3D model file is encrypted based on the secret key. The secret key can be decrypted using a private key associated with the computing device that corresponds to the public key. After decrypting the secret key, the particular 3D model file can be decrypted using the secret key, and after decrypting the particular 3D model file, the particular 3D model file can be executed on the printer to print a physical 3D object. Content Provider Consumer Browse 3D Model Files from Plurality of Providers on Distributed Ledger Select Particular 3D Model File Identified On Ledger Obtain Selected 3D Model File (Encrypted) Receive Request Request Authorization for 410 Selected 3D Model File 408 Request Authorized? Yes Encrypt, Using Public Key Associated with Consumer, the Secret Key That Encrypted the Selected 3D Model File 414 Send Encrypted Secret Key Receive Encrypted Secret Key Is Timer Expired? 6 Decrypt Secret Key and 3D Model File 2= 420 Yes Print 3D Model Using 3D Model File Re-Encrypt 3D Model File Using Different Alert Content Provider Upon Print Secret Key Completion 424

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  • Publication: Oct 12, 2017
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