Method For Growing Human Organs, Treating Diseases, And Increasing Longevity

  • Published: Feb 7, 2008
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17 June 2003 (17.06.2003)


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2 5 June 2002 (25.06.2002) 10 October 2002 (10.1 0.2002)


(71) Applicants: DENTAL MARKETING SPECIALISTS, INC. [US/US]; 7364 East Crimson Sky Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 (US). BAINS, Jerry, W. [US/US]; Irrevocable Trust, 39096 N . 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 (US). BAINS, Salee, C. [US/US]; Irrevocable Trust, 39096 N . 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 (US). (72) Inventor: ELIA, James P.; 7364 East Crimson Sky Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 (US). (74) Agent: WHITE, Gerald K.; Gerald K . White & A s so ciates, RC, 205 W Randolph Street, Suite 835, Chicago, I l 60606 (US).

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(54) Title: METHOD FOR GROWING HUMAN ORGANS, TREATING DISEASES, AND INCREASING LONGEVITY (57) Abstract: In one aspect, techniques for controlling and directing organogenesis and for enhancing the performance of organs are included. Enhancement may be direct or indirect and utilizes energy, enhancement compositions, and/or living organisms to enhance the cells and/or cell products produced b y organs and suborgans. I n another aspect, diseases such a s cancer, HIV/ AIDS, diabetes, infectious diseases, a s well a s diseases related to the immune and autoimmune systems, are treated through the formation and/or enhancement of the function of organs and suborgans of human patients. An important organ for such purpose i s the thymus.






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1-23,45-109,1 15124,160 and 161

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