Recommender System For Identifying A New Set Of Media Items Responsive To An Input Set Of Media Items And Knowledge Base Metrics

  • Published: Jul 25, 2014
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 03 2005
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Systems and methods are disclosed for identifying a new set of media items in response to an input set (or “query set”) of media items and knowledge base metrics. The system uses a knowledge base consisting of a collection of mediasets. Various metrics among media items are considered by analyzing how the media items are grouped to form the mediasets in the knowledge base. Such association or “similarity” metrics are preferably stored in a matrix form that allows the system to efficiently identify a new set of media items that complements the input set of media items.


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Document History
  • Publication: Jul 25, 2014
  • Application: Apr 15, 2008
    HK HK 08104274 A
  • Priority: Feb 3, 2006
    US US 2006/0003795 W
  • Priority: Feb 3, 2005
    US US 64998705 P

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