Thermostable Ligase Mediated Dna Amplification System For The Detection Of Genetic Diseases


The present invention relates to the cloning of the gene of a thermophilic DNA ligase, from Thermus aquaticus strain HB8, and the use of this ligase for the detection of specific sequences of nucleotides in a variety of nucleic acid samples, and more particularly in those samples containing a DNA sequence characterized by a difference in the nucleic acid sequence from a standard sequence including single nucleic acid base pair changes, deletions, insertions or translocations.

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  • Publication: Nov 3, 1998
  • Application: Jun 5, 1995
    US US 46222195 A
  • Priority: Jun 5, 1995
    US US 46222195 A
  • Priority: Nov 22, 1994
    US US 34378594 A
  • Priority: Nov 2, 1992
    US US 97109592 A
  • Priority: May 3, 1990
    US US 51844790 A

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