Patched Polypeptides And Uses Related Thereto


Methods for isolating patched genes, including the mouse and human patched genes, as well as invertebrate patched genes and sequences, are provided. Decreased expression of patched is associated with the occurrence of human cancers, particularly basal cell carcinomas of the skin. The patched and hedgehog genes are useful in creating transgenic animal models for these human cancers. The patched nucleic acid compositions find use in identifying homologous or related proteins and the DNA sequences encoding such proteins; in producing compositions that modulate the expression or function of the protein; and in studying associated physiological pathways. In addition, modulation of the gene activity in vivo is used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, such as treatment of cancer, identification of cell type based on expression, and the like. The DNA is further used as a diagnostic for a genetic predisposition to cancer, and to identify specific cancers having mutations in this gene.

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  • Publication: Feb 9, 2010
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