Cytoplasmic Hybrid Plant Belonging To The Genus Lactuca And Method For Production Thereof

  • Published: Jul 30, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 26 2005
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The object of the present invention is the provision of a cybrid plant of the genus Lactuca which is useful for producing a first filial generation seed, and a method for producing the same. The present invention is directed to a cybrid plant of the genus Lactuca, a progeny thereof, or a part thereof, comprising, in cytoplasm thereof, a gene derived from mitochondria of a plant of the genus Helianthus. The cybrid plant is preferably cytoplasmic male sterile. The present invention is also directed to a method for producing the cybrid plant of the genus Lactuca.


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  • Publication: Jul 30, 2008
  • Application: Oct 20, 2006
    EP EP 06822425 A
  • Priority: Oct 20, 2006
    JP 2006321456 W
  • Priority: Oct 26, 2005
    JP 2005311598 A

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