Use And Production Of Chd8+/- Transgenic Animals With Behavioral Phenotypes Characteristic Of Autism Spectrum Disorder


The invention involves inducing a plurality e.g., 3-50 or more mutations (e.g., any whole number between 3 and 50 or more of mutations, with it noted that in some embodiments there can be up to 16 different RNA(s), e.g., sgRNAs each having its own a promoter, in a vector, such an AAV vector or a lentiviral vector and that when each sgRNA does not have its own promoter, there can be twice to thrice that amount of different RNA(s), e.g., sgRNAs, e.g., 32 or even 48 different guides delivered by one vector) in transgenic Cas9 eukaryotes to model a neuronal disease or disorder. The invention comprehends testing putative treatments with such models, e.g., testing putative chemical compounds that may be pharmaceutically relevant for treatment or gene therapy that may be relevant for treatment, or combinations thereof. The invention allows for the study of genetic diseases and putative treatments to better understand and alleviate a genetic disease or a condition, e.g., autism, autism-spectrum disease or disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or psychiatric disorders.

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