System And Method For Conducting A Transaction

  • Published: Jan 12, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 07 2015
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The invention relates to a system and method for conducting a transaction, conducted at a transaction processor, comprising: receiving a transaction request, the transaction request including a transaction amount and transaction data; generating a single-use transaction token; transmitting the single-use transaction token to a payee electronic device associated with a payee entity; authenticating the single-use transaction token against a received single-use transaction token, the received single-use transaction token having been received at a payor value store from a payor electronic device via a secure communication channel between the payor electronic device and the payor value store; and, responsive to authenticating the single-use transaction token, initiating a payment from the payor value store to a payee value store.

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  • Publication: Jan 12, 2017
  • Application: Jul 6, 2016
    WO IB 2016054041 W
  • Priority: Jul 7, 2015
    ZA ZA 201504865 A

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