Sales Order Data Collection And Management System

  • Published: Mar 19, 2015
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A computer implemented method and a sales order data collection and management system (SODCMS) collect and manage sales order data including data from a web based sales order, a manual sales order, a sales order over a communication device, a third party consumer to consumer web based sales order, etc. The SODCMS receives sales order data from one or more sources and categorizes the sales order data based on a source type. The SODCMS parses the categorized sales order data based on filtering criteria, stores the parsed sales order data in one or more databases, and validates the stored sales order data against validation criteria. The SODCMS processes the validated sales order data and transmits the processed sales order data to a resource management platform. The SODCMS renders messages on modifications and discrepancies associated with the sales order data to consumers based on the validation of the sales order data.


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