Novel Photobioreactor For Enclosed Horizontal Cultivation Of Microalgae

  • Published: Jun 26, 2014
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 22 2012
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This invention pertains to a novel photobioreactor comprising a sealed, covered plastic sheeting coated with a thin layer of a highly dense culture of photoautotrophic single celled organism. Carbon dioxide is exchanged from a gas space above the culture through attendant mixing by subtending wave motion. The invention provides a substantial improvement in processing costs in growth media sterilization as well as reduced expenses related to energy and raw materials, especially carbon dioxide. Capital expenses are reduced by eliminating the need for sparging and compressors for suspending cells and mixing carbon dioxide.


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  • Publication: Jun 26, 2014
  • Application: Oct 22, 2013
    WO IB 2013059522 W
  • Priority: Oct 22, 2012
    US US 201261795661 P

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