Substance Fki-0076 And Process For Producing The Same


A microorganism having ability to produce FKI-0076 substance represented by the following formula [I]is cultured in a medium allowing for the accumulation of FKI-0076 substance in the culture liquid. The FKI-0076 substance from can then be isolated the cultured mass. Since the substance has the ability to enhance azole antifungal agents, it provides an action against various fungal infections such as deep-seated mycosis and other fungal infections in low concentration and within a short term. Consequently, the FKI-0076 is useful for reducing the frequency of appearance of resistant microorganisms. Further, usefulness for overcoming resistance is expected.

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  • Publication: Sep 14, 2004
  • Application: Oct 24, 2002
    US US 16955102 A
  • Priority: Mar 6, 2000
    JP 0001348 W

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