App Streaming, Bidirectional Linket, Phone Number For Mobile Deep Links

  • Published: Jul 6, 2017
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An app store can have a multiuser streaming app. A thin front end appears on the user devices and the rest of the app instances run in virtual machines in a data center of the app store. To minimise delays, the virtual machines are in the same data center. If the app server hosts streaming apps, the app store might migrate the virtual machines to the data center of the app server, if this reduces the total latency between the user devices. A web page at an URL Phi can contain a linket Theta. Phi is seen in a mobile browser. If Theta is picked, the mobile device sends Theta and Phi to the Registry. The Registry logs both. Future analysis of the log tells where (Phi) the linket appeared. A bidirectional capability. The app server for the linket can also get Phi, and use the pair for similar analysis. An ad server which made an ad containing Theta, which appeared in Phi, can analyse the log to measure the efficacy of posting the ad to Theta. Phi can also be an app. An extension is where Phi has a parameter indicating the “page” or data file in its database in which the linket is in. A deep link can have a phone number instead of an Internet address. If the phone accesses the Internet via a phone carrier, then a device getting the deep link can ask the carrier for the Internet address that it assigned to the phone. Or if the phone uses a hot spot, the device can ask the carrier, which in turn asks the phone for the Internet address that it got from the hot spot. The phone tells the carrier, which tells the device. In both cases, once the device gets the address, it can use this with the app id from the deep link to contact the phone across the Internet.

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