Transgenic Animals For Producing Specific Isotypes Of Human Antibodies Via Non-cognate Switch Regions


The present invention provides fully human antibodies in a transgenic animal of a desired isotype in response to immunization with any virtually any desired antigen. The human immunoglobulin heavy chain transgene in the foregoing animals comprises a human constant region gene segment comprising exons encoding the desired heavy chain isotype, operably linked to switch segments from a constant region of a different heavy chain isotype, i.e., a non-cognate switch region. Said additional constant region segment comprises a switch region and human constant region coding segment, wherein the constant region coding segment is operably linked to a switch region that it is not normally associated with, i.e., a non-cognate switch region. In the transgenes of the invention, the non-cognate switch region may be a switch region from a different species than the constant region coding segment. The switch region and membrane exons of the invention may comprise a human gamma-2 constant region and the secreted constant region exons are from a human gamma-1 or a human gamma-4 constant region.

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  • Publication: May 23, 2006
  • Application: Nov 30, 2001
    US US 99932101 A
  • Priority: Nov 30, 2001
    US US 99932101 A
  • Priority: Jun 8, 2000
    US US 0015782 W
  • Priority: Jun 10, 1999
    US US 32958299 A

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