Scanning Evanescent Electro-magnetic Microscope


A novel scanning microscope is described that uses near-field evanescent electromagnetic waves to probe sample properties. The novel microscope is capable of high resolution imaging and quantitative measurements of the electrical properties of the sample. The inventive scanning evanescent wave electromagnetic microscope (SEMM) can map dielectric constant, tangent loss, conductivity, complex electrical impedance, and other electrical parameters of materials. The quantitative map corresponds to the imaged detail. The novel microscope can be used to measure electrical properties of both dielectric and electrically conducting materials.

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  • Publication: Mar 18, 2003
  • Application: Oct 23, 2000
    US US 69550800 A
  • Priority: Oct 23, 2000
    US US 69550800 A
  • Priority: Sep 22, 1998
    US US 15803798 A
  • Priority: Sep 22, 1997
    US US 5947197 P
  • Priority: Sep 20, 1996
    US US 71732196 A

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