Systems, Methods, And Devices For Secure Generation And Processing Of Data Sets Representing Pre-funded Payments

  • Published: Sep 14, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 08 2016
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Systems 10, devices 106, methods, and non-transient machine-interpretable programming and/or other instruction products for the generation, transfer, storage, and other processing of secure data sets 11 used in electronic payment transactions, including particularly the secure creation, administration, manipulation, processing, and storage of electronic data useful in processing of pre-funded, pre-paid, and/or otherwise pre-authorized payment transactions. Devices 106, 100, 101 and methods in accordance with the disclosure can be used to create pre-funded payment token data sets 11, the token data sets comprising secure data items or records representing negotiable monetary or other economic value, and to share them between network communication devices 106 such as smart phones, home or business desktop computers, etc., for use in purchases and other transactions.


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