Cartilage Repair, Preservation And Growth By Stimulation Of Bone-chondral Interphase And Delivery System And Methods Therefor

  • Published: Nov 28, 2017
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Therapeutics and methods of treatment to repair, preserve and grow cartilage are presented. In addition, systems and methods for delivering a therapeutic to a hard to reach anatomical area, such as, for example, the BCI, are presented. A cannulated delivery device provided with a cutting tip, cutting flutes and threads on its distal end is disclosed, as well as therapies for joint and cartilage repair, preservation and generation using it. Alternatively, for disc repair, a “PIARES” device for Percutaneous Intradiscal Annular Repair introduces therapeutics intradiscally. The device may have two-needles; a first cannula/needle with a finger grip, and a longer inner needle to penetrate through the outer needle into the disc, and introduce therapeutics via a syringe. When provided with a septum at the inner needle's proximal end, the PIARES device is a completely closed system; using it minimizes trauma.

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  • Publication: Nov 28, 2017
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