Quality Of Service Aware Captive Aggregation With True Datacenter Testing

  • Published: Feb 28, 2013
  • Earliest Priority: Aug 25 2011
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Technologies are generally described for efficient datacenter management. In some examples, client jobs on a datacenter are subcontracted out to another datacenter so that the subcontracted jobs can be pulled back to the original datacenter when capacity becomes available again. A captive aggregator module combining network message, command management, data analysis on QoS effects of traffic relay, and strategic management decides whether it makes sense to keep tasks captively aggregated. A middleware system for testing true performance of an application or surrogate and optimizing among multiple datacenters based on true performance evaluates candidate datacenters prior to subcontracting jobs from the original datacenter. The middleware deploys the application to multiple candidate clouds to perform substantially similar tasks on resources that claim to be roughly equivalent in price/performance. The middleware receives data on actual cost and resource consumption, analyzes differences, and redistributes actual work tasks to take advantage of differences.

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Document History
  • Publication: Feb 28, 2013
  • Application: Aug 25, 2011
    US US 201113389796 A
  • Priority: Aug 25, 2011
    US US 2011/0049080 W

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