- Credit Marketplace Platform For Credit Installment Purchases At Point Of Sale

  • Published: Jul 13, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Nov 02 2015
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A method of providing an installment loan, comprising: sending a request for a loan of a specific sum by a purchaser holding proprietary payment means to an installment payment system, said purchaser at a POS; calculating by said installment payment system a credit score for said purchaser; determining by said installment payment system individual loan sum Y0 and terms of payment for said purchaser using said calculated credit score; reserving said sum of Y0 for said loan; purchasing goods from a merchant at said POS in a sum X ≤ Y0 by said purchaser; paying said merchant the full purchase sum X by said installment payment system; and optionally performing a further purchase according to said individual terms of payment.


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  • Publication: Jul 13, 2017
  • Application: Oct 27, 2016
    WO IB 2016056455 W
  • Priority: Nov 2, 2015
    US US 201562249361 P

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