Method And Apparatus For Advancing Through A Deck Of Digital Flashcards

  • Published: Aug 4, 2016
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Parents and entities incentivize students to learn using pledges of cash, goods, and services. Students earn incentivized rewards by interacting with lessons on a digital computing device, such as a desktop computer, notebook, tablet, or “smart phone.” The lessons may include digital flash cards, text, pictures, figures, audio and video recordings ranging from classroom lectures, to classical music, to animation of scientific principles. In flashcard embodiments, the accuracy of each answer is recorded on a histogram corresponding to a particular flashcard, or the principles taught therein. The application generates performance metrics from histogram data. The performance metrics are used to generate control parameters that control the frequency and order flashcard presentation. Statistical analysis, adaptive learning and/or artificial intelligence programs refine the control parameters governing flashcard review, thereby optimizing the functionality. As a student satisfies various performance metrics and/or courseware requirements, incentives are released to the student.


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