Phosphoramidite Nucleoside Analogs


Described are phosphoramidite nucleoside analog monomers, precursors thereof, and oligonucleotides including one or more of the monomers. The monomers can be used during automated synthesis of oligonucleotide derivatives, and allow for incorporation of one or several reporter groups, organic molecules, bio-molecules, small molecules or other chemical groups at the internucleoside phosphotriesters. Oligonucleotides including the monomers have a number of uses in therapeutic, diagnostic, and research applications.

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  • Publication: May 28, 2009
  • Application: Aug 29, 2008
    US US 20175808 A
  • Priority: Aug 29, 2008
    US US 20175808 A
  • Priority: Aug 31, 2007
    US US 96718407 P

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