Ccn Routing Using Hardware-assisted Hash Tables

  • Published: Jun 22, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 15 2014
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One embodiment provides a system that facilitates forwarding of packets with variable length names. During operation, the system receives a packet with a hierarchically structured variable length identifier (HSVLI) which comprises contiguous name components ordered from a most general level to a most specific level. The system performs a longest prefix match lookup by selecting an entry from a first data structure of entries. The entries indicate a name component, forwarding information for the name component, and a plurality of entry identifiers that chain an entry to another entry. If a size of the name component is less than or equal to a predetermined threshold, the system selects an entry based on the name component. If the size is greater, the system selects an entry based on a compressed key which can be a hash of the name component. The system also resolves collisions associated with the selected entry.

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  • Publication: Jun 22, 2017
  • Application: Mar 6, 2017
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