Novel Compositions For Isolating And/or Stabilising Nucleic Acids In Biological Material

  • Published: Jan 22, 2004
  • Earliest Priority: Jun 27 2000
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The present invention relates to new compositions for isolating and/or stabilising nucleic acids in materials of biological origin. The compositions comprise as an essential ingredient a cationic compound of general formula Y<+>R1R2R3R4X<-> wherein Y may represent nitrogen or phosphorus R1, R2, R3 and R4 independently of one another may represent a branched or unbranched C1-C20-alkyl group and/or a C6-C20-aryl group as well as a C6-C26-aralkyl group and X<-> may represent an anion of an inorganic or organic, mono- or polybasic acid.

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  • Publication: Jan 22, 2004
  • Application: Jun 9, 2003
    US US 31274503 A
  • Priority: May 22, 2001
    EP EP 0105888 W
  • Priority: Jun 27, 2000
    DE DE 10031236 A

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