Topical Administration Of Danazol

  • Published: Jul 10, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 26 2006
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Pharmaceutical preparations for topical or local administration of drugs directly to the skin for treatment of disorders of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, in particular in cases of cellulite, are disclosed herein. In a preferred embodiment, the drug is danazol or gastrinone. In another embodiment, the drug is danazol in combination with an aromatase inhibitor or an estrogen compound. The preferred formulations contain drugs in the form of micro or nanoparticles, which may be formed of drug alone or in combination with an excipient or carrier. The excipient or carrier may modify the release rates or enhance absorption into the affected area. The drug formulation may be in the form of a cream, lotion, ointment, gel or emulsion, solution or foam.

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  • Publication: Jul 10, 2008
  • Application: Dec 26, 2007
    WO US 2007/0088823 W
  • Priority: Dec 26, 2006
    US US 87188906 P

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