Pharmaceutical Compositions And Solid Forms


The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions of 6-(6-hydroxymethyl- pyrimidin-4-yloxy)-naphthalene-1-carboxyfic acid (3-trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-amide, to the use of 6-(6-hydroxymethyl-pyrimidin-4-yloxy)-naphthatene-1-carboxylic acid (3-trifluoromethyI- phenyl)-amide and compositions of 6-(6-hydroxymethyl-pyrimidin-4-yloxy)-naphthalene-1- carboxylic acid (3-trifluoromethyi-phenyi)-amide in therapeutic applications, especially indications with a dysregulation/overexpression of VEFG, (neo)-vascularisation and VEGF driven angiogenesis and to methods for manufacturing such compositions, the invention further relates to specific forms of 6-(6-hydroxymethyl-pyrimidin-4-yloxy)-paphthalene-1- carboxyiic acid (3-trifluaromethyl-phenyl)-amide and to the manufacturing and use of such forms. The present invention also relates to a new process to produce 6-{6-hydroxymethyl- pyrimidin-4-yloxy)-naphthalene-1-carboxylic acid (3-trifluoromethyl-phenyl)-amide.


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