Actionable Verifiable Micro-crowd Sourcing

  • Published: Dec 3, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: May 30 2014
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Today crowdsourcing consists of activities which may involve large numbers of individuals but there is no social aspect to the crowdsourcing activities and poor visibility of the crowdsourced results by others. Embodiments of the invention provide an online portal supporting both mobile and non-mobile users with social media and social network visibility of the crowdsourcing being undertaken / requested by others. Such crowdsourcing may also be inventivised by either the generator of the crowdsourced microactions or third parties who are independent of the generator and executer of the crowdsourced activity. Beneficially, the crowdsourcing portal leverages acquiring multimedia content or a user's geolocation in mobile environments to provide part of the completion process for a crowdsourced activity. Accordingly, embodiments of the invention provide for these features within a crowd sourcing portal and provide users with a rich environment within which to create, manage, track, complete and promote crowdsourcing activities.


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