Formulations Comprising Psychotropic Drugs And Selenium


There is disclosed an antenna device 14 comprising a pair of dielectric resonator antenna elements 1, 1', each element 1, l' comprising a dielectric resonator provided with a feed 4, 6, 7 and a conductive backwall 3, wherein one element is configured as a transmit antenna 1 and the other as a receive antenna 1', and wherein the elements 1, 1' are disposed such that the conductive backwalls 3 directly face each other in a substantially parallel configuration. Several such antenna devices 14 may be formed as an array, with side-wise adjacent devices 14 having an orientation of the transmit and receive elements 1, 1' reversed, thereby giving near omnidirectional coverage with much reduced coupling between transmit 1 and receive 1' elements.

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  • Publication: Aug 14, 2003
  • Application: Feb 4, 2003
    WO GB 0300490 W
  • Priority: Feb 7, 2002
    GB GB 0202900 A

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