Blockchain Solutions For Financial Services And Other Transaction-based Industries

  • Published: Jun 1, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Nov 24 2015
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A system and a method for creating a holistic, flexible, scalable, confidential, low-latency, high-volume, immutable distributed ledger for the financial services and other industries. The system allows a scalable blockchain solution with respect to accessible memory requirements of distributed ledgers or distributed databases with confidentiality in the shared records as well as accommodating low-latency, high-capacity transaction capabilities. The method includes a fundamental, generic, logical representation of financial services life- cycles transactions in terms of variable sets of four simple, sequential components. The optimal process generates a self-validating, variable n-dimensional, multi-hash-linked, interdependent distributed ledger that allows the individual network participants to recreate the ledger without having to refer to or confirm with other network participants.


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