In Vivo Biosensor Apparatus And Method Of Use


Disclosed are bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices that detect selected analytes in fluids when implanted in the body of an animal. The device comprises a bioreporter that has been genetically engineered to contain a nucleic acid segment that comprises a cis-activating response element that is responsive to the selected substance operably linked to a gene encoding a bioluminescent reporter polypeptide. In preferred embodiments, the target analyte is glucose, glucagons, or insulin. Exposure of the bioreporter to the target substance causes the response element to up-regulate the nucleic acid sequence encoding the reporter polypeptide to produce a luminescent response that is detected and quantitated. In illustrative embodiments, the bioreporter device is encapsulated on an integrated circuit that is capable of detecting the emitted light, processing the resultant signal, and then remotely reporting the results. Also disclosed are controlled drug delivery systems capable of being directly or indirectly controlled by the detection device that provide drugs such as insulin to the animal in reponse to the amount of target analyte present in the body fluids.

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  • Publication: Jan 6, 2004
  • Application: Dec 2, 1999
    US US 45407199 A
  • Priority: Dec 2, 1999
    US US 45407199 A
  • Priority: Nov 25, 1997
    US US 97843997 A

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