Multimedia Content Player With Digital Rights Management While Maintaining Privacy Of Users

  • Published: Jun 22, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 16 2015
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A system, method, and computer readable storage medium configured for delivering services from a server to ensure multimedia content control by content providers (i.e. reduce piracy) and to ensure privacy by content users is described. The method begins with executing at least a portion of a content media player application to the device using a zero-knowledge protocol to ensure privacy of the user. Examples of zero-knowledge verifiable computing are succinct computational integrity and privacy (SCIP) protocol, zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge (zk-snark) protocol, and probabilistically checkable proof (PCP) protocol. The content media player application includes digital right management technology using zero-knowledge verifiable computing to enforce usage conditions on the multimedia content. A response is received from the user device that the content media player application has executed on the user device. Based upon the response indicating a successful execution, accessing the multimedia content by the content media player application.

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  • Publication: Jun 22, 2017
  • Application: Dec 12, 2016
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