Cancer Associated Antigens And Uses Therefor


Cancer associated antigens have been identified by autologous antibody screening of libraries of nucleic acids expressed in testis cells using antisera from seminoma patients. The invention relates to nucleic acids and encoded polypeptides which are cancer associated antigens expressed in patients afflicted with a variety of cancers. The invention provides, inter alia, isolated nucleic acid molecules, expression vectors containing those molecules and host cells transfected with those molecules. The invention also provides isolated proteins and peptides, antibodies to those proteins and peptides and cytotoxic T lymphocytes which recognize the proteins and peptides. Fragments of the foregoing including functional fragments and variants also are provided. Kits containing the foregoing molecules additionally are provided. The molecules provided by the invention can be used in the diagnosis, monitoring, research, or treatment of conditions characterized by the expression of one or more cancer associated antigens.

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  • Publication: Feb 3, 2004
  • Application: Sep 9, 1999
    US US 39271499 A
  • Priority: Sep 9, 1999
    US US 39271499 A
  • Priority: Jul 15, 1998
    US US 9814679 W

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