Automated Service Management System With Rule-based, Cascading Action Requests

  • Published: Aug 3, 2017
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A system may generate action requests for a service management system. A user preference data store may contain electronic records for a set of users, including, for example, at least one user preference value. A back-end application computer server may receive, from a remote user mobile device, an indication associated with an event. The server may then determine at least one location coordinate associated with the event and select a sub-set of service providers from a service provider data store based on the location and at least one user preference value. The server may generate an action request for a designated one of the sub-set of service providers in accordance with logic based rules and transmit information about the action request to the designated service provider and the remote user mobile device. The server may receive an action request update and transmit a modified action request to another service provider.

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  • Publication: Aug 3, 2017
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