Prepaid Card Exchange Systems And Associated Methods

  • Published: Oct 15, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 26 2014
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The present disclosure is directed to gift card exchange kiosks (100), servers (204), and other systems, and associated methods of use. Particular portions of the present disclosure are directed to preventing misuse of gift card exchanges by consumers at kiosks (100). In some embodiments, for example, a first gift card (302a) is received from a consumer at a kiosk (100). A cash voucher (302b) is dispensed to the consumer in exchange for the first gift card (302a). An exchange server (204) drains the face value from the first gift card (302a) to prevent future use by the consumer and uses the face value to purchase a second gift card (406). The second gift card (406) can then be sold by the kiosk (100) and/or kiosk operator for value. 0o C\j T- T 0- 0c1 a

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  • Publication: Oct 15, 2015
  • Application: Mar 5, 2015
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