Heart Beacon Cycle

  • Published: Oct 16, 2014
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Systemic, adaptive procedural template comprised of common building blocks forming template frameworks i.e., self-organizing, mutually reinforcing service, system, process, procedure components derived situational understanding, state meta data signaling replication systems consisting of TCP/IP heartbeat, heartbeat messages signaling during micro-macro report cycles of state meta-data sync deltas <class> typed with <ORG_ID>, <URN> time stamped prior to data fusion-center insertion followed by reports aggregated, recalculated, relayed through synchronization, conversion gateways then merged into macro-cycle reports where metrics, metering are described by using Paul Revere meme linear, sequential hop count, water-drop in-pond meme geo-spatial temporal intensity measures, metrics recording sync deltas change across time/space viewed on appliqué displays using Russian Matryoshka doll techniques where each view adds to, changes the nature, meaning of composite views while retaining original appliqué views unique qualities as decision support aids in best effort, best practice by federated groups

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  • Publication: Oct 16, 2014
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